Lynx Solutions

Mures, Targu Mures

Full Time

On Site

Android Developer

July 14, 2022

  • Conceptualizing and formulating apps that are suitable for use on all types of Android devices.

  • Implementing measures to safeguard users' data.

  • Ensuring that the construction and presentation of your apps are congruent with the company's standards.

  • Proofreading your code and correcting mistakes before each app is released.

  • Collaborating with UI and UX Designers, as well as Software Testers, to ensure that each app is presentable and in perfect working order.

  • Monitoring app reviews to detect areas for improvement.

  • Creating app updates, including bug fixes and additional features, for release.

  • Good understanding of OOP concepts

  • Good Java knowledge

  • Understanding and knowing the most used design patterns

  • Structured programming, usage, and understanding of MVP/MVC

  • Dependency injection

  • Database basics SQL and NoSQL too

  • Git usage

  • Team player

  • Interest in news, new techniques, not living in traditions

Good to have:
  • Knowledge of Android device sensors

  • Working with Google services

  • Knowledge of location based services

  • Google Firebase

  • Knowledge of non relational databases

  • Knowledge of Google’s app publication procedure